Living with Depression

I don’t think I have met anyone who has not dealt with some form of depression at some point in their lives, now that could mean anything from feeling down in the dumps for the odd day or two here and there right up to severe depression which can blight your life.

I have suffered several bouts of depression throughout my life from mild depression lasting a few weeks, post-natal depression that unfortunately lasted a few months, empty nest syndrome when my youngest child left which I likened to bereavement and the occasional ‘wafting’ bouts of depression where I feel lost for what appears to be no apparent reason.

Some clients describe their depression as a black cloak that envelope’s them, others as falling off a cliff or being pulled into the earth by heavy magnets, however it feels to you it is very valid, real and scary at times.

Depression is complicated and it affects everyone differently, no two experiences are the same, you can feel empathy for somebody but you cannot walk in their shoes. You do not have to be alone though.

Treatment for depression can vary; I feel that GP’s are quick to give out anti-depressants without actually listening to the full story, however with that being said anti-depressants can be affective short term. Looking long term though the root of the issue needs to be addressed properly and this is where speaking to a trained professional such as me can help.

Working together we can assess what issues are causing you problems, we will break them down bit by bit and work out how you can manage your live moving forward in a much healthier way. I can show you how coping mechanisms you put in place can help if ever you need them in the future. There is light after depression, you can learn to live a happy and positive life so take the first step and contact me today.