Why Choose Counselling?

There have been a few times in my life when I sought out counselling myself such as for post-natal depression, anxiety at work and more recently bereavement so I know first-hand how talking to a professional can change the foggy mind set I found myself in. I can be honest and say my journey during the difficult times wasn’t always easy but with the guidance and support from my therapist I found my way out of the fog and onto a happier path.

I decided to become a counsellor because I believe I have a natural empathy and desire to help others live their lives in the best way possible. I offer a warm compassionate environment where confidentiality is my priority as is my duty of care to offer you my non-judgemental support whatever issues you need help with.

Your journey may be short or long but whichever it is you have my undivided attention. Make the decision to take the first step today and change your life.

I have helped many clients overcome lots of different issues with short term therapy so if you are looking to improve your life call me now for your free consultation.