Eco Therapy

What is Eco therapy and how can it benefit your wellbeing?

Well let me start off by saying there may be many different terms used such as eco therapy, green therapy, nature therapy or walks in nature it doesn’t matter which one you relate to more I believe they all have the same overriding message which is any type of therapy conducted in the open air can have a multitude of positive benefits.

There has recently been a heightened recognition that environmental factors, including exposure to nature can influence our wellbeing. It is said that contact with the natural world is highly beneficial to human health as the power of nature encourages a sense of freedom, peace and of connection both to self and to others.

Nature therapy is important for several normal developmental aspects of children and the maintenance of those aspects for adults.

Studies have shown that increased activity in natural spaces promotes but is not limited to:

  • Greater creativity
  • Better cognition
  • Healthy restoration
  • Well-being and Life Satisfaction
  • Improve your mood
  • Reduce feelings of stress or anger
  • Help you feel more relaxed
  • Improve your physical health
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem

Green space is massively important for our physical and mental well-being. Interaction and engagement with green space have been linked with an increased length of life and a deceased risk of mental illnesses. Recent studies have shown that people are restored in natural environments because they escape from their usual settings and are more likely to respond to therapy.

Amongst the many mental health conditions that can be addressed by this type of natural therapy include but is not limited to: anxiety, anger issues, depression, self-esteem, addiction and stress reduction.

Clear and abundant evidence demonstrates that interaction with nature affects not only well-being but health throughout life. The evidence suggests that people who utilise this type of therapy tend to go on to be more active, connected to people and society, become more engaged with natural places and eat healthier foods.

Being in nature does affect your physical and mental health positively. Being able to regularly get away from your built environment (house or office) and perform activities such as a simple walk or even taking a seat in a natural setting can restore positive mental health.

Eco therapies work because they reconnect us with nature. Here at East Coast Therapies I actively encourage outside sessions for those clients who are able to partake. We can either walk in nature in a variety of beautiful picturesque settings or if you prefer we can take a seat and soak in the atmosphere and calming effects of nature.