What Can Hypnotherapy Help Me With?

Hypnotherapy can help with an endless list of issues that are stopping you from enjoying your very best life ranging from anxiety, phobias of all kinds to weight loss and quitting smoking with a multitude of others in between!
I first came across Hypnotherapy many years ago when I developed a fear of flying even though I had flown many times before, I was by my own admission very sceptical of hypnotherapy, I questioned would it be like what you see on the television, would the therapist make me cluck like a chicken? These were all very valid concerns for me but on the advice of a doctor I found a local hypnotherapist then had a quick chat to her during which she allayed my initial fears and I thought well why not give it a go, I am a great believer of not dismissing something until I try it so off I went for my first session.

My therapist explained to me what would happen, she would help me relax and be open to her suggestions but I would be awake the whole time and hear everything she was saying and if I wanted to stop at any time I could so with this in mind we started. At the end of the session I felt relaxed and calm and excited to see if it would actually work when we were due to go on a family holiday. Two months later I flew to Greece and back with no hesitation and happily that still continues today.

I was so interested in how it all worked I decided to work with a master hypnotherapist for over a year of intensive one to one training to become qualified. I have helped many clients overcome lots of different issues with short term therapy so if you are looking to improve your life call me now for your hypnotherapy appointment.